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Bad experience with Angela Skloss
Angela Skloss was with Native Reality when I worked with her. Not Keller Williams. She has absolutely no interest in doing what is best for anyone except herself. If you are looking for a trust worthy realtor AVOID HER. I went to school with Angela in middle school and we reconnected through an old mutual friend. My first mistake was believing that because we had ties to one another that she would treat me with respect. She was respectful until I signed a contract with her, and then her character and service slowly began to deteriorate. I also used Angela to find a new home. By the time my relationship with Angela was over I felt completely exploited.

In regards to my house sale, Angela had me sign a 3 month contract, which I was suspect of immediately. However, as stated, I made the mistake of trusting that she had my best interest at heart. Typically clients sign a 1 month contract. Before we signed the contract she hyped up the sale price and made us believe we could get around $190-$200k for our home. She also said houses were going for $20,000 over asking price all over Austin. She said she would provide us with a comprehensive market analysis. What she provided to us was a realtor's search results. The results were hard to read and difficult to understand. We thus trusted the analysis she verbally gave us. When she put the house on the market, the few listings we could find were heavily flawed. She would take DAYS to answer emails and phone messages about these flaws. She did almost nothing to properly market the home. After I confronted her about her behavior she apologized (with a tone) and passed me off to her partner. The few offers that were coming in were drastically different than her supposed predictions. After about a month had gone by she attempted to send investors she KNEW to me and her partner with offers as low as $120k. I believe Angela was deliberately trying to scam me and poorly market my home so I would feel desperate enough after time went by to cave in to low ball offers from investors that she knew and who would incentivize her. When I spoke to her partner about some of my insecurities he provided me with a wonderfully comprehensive market analysis. It was very easy to read, and consisted of a compiled list of homes in only my neighborhood, with listing prices, year built, and other helpful stats. I was shocked to see that Angela had completely lied to us when she gave us her verbal market analysis of my neighborhood.

All the while this was happening I was under contract for a new home purchase with Angela. She had already again given me a faulty analysis of this new neighborhood. She claimed houses were selling for upwards of $20,000 over the asking price (same thing she had stated with our old house we were trying to sell). Based off of that information, we offered $20,000 over the asking price for our new home. Of course we won the contract. From that moment forward Angela did the opposite of go to bat for us. Even after our home inspectors pointed about thousands and thousands dollars of flaws she simply passively allowed us to make all of the decisions on our own without trying to negotiate for us at all and giving us any advice. She also continued to make herself extremely inaccessible by phone or email. I confronted her several times about this during our relationship and her behavior simply never changed. By this time we already knew she didn't care about us at all and we felt completely alone in trying to navigate the right thing to do for ourselves.

Working with Angela Skloss was the worst professional experience of m entire life. I felt completely exploited by her. She does not care about anybody except herself and her own. She is there to maximize her profits and benefits at any cost to you. If you want to feel secure with a realtor, avoid her completely.

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